Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Smash, Grab, and Take It (For Yourself)

I'm thinking this needs to be my final Christmas related blog. It is, after all, the middle of January. This may be my final blog for a little while, anyway, as I'm heading to Nashville on Thursday, and won't be back for a week. Never fear, if I can't find the time to blog while I'm sitting at the airport, or elsewhere, I shall return with pictures of the parents, my cousin-bro Bill and his new fiance, and lots of sleeping trees.

I finally got the rest of the Christmas "stuff" put away during lunch today. This probably will be the only time you'll ever be granted a peak into the disaster that is our garage. We can actually fit a car in there, and God willing, we'll fit another one in there before summer is once again upon us.

We did a (not so) Secret Santa thing at Emily's parents house right before Christmas.

Tyler was there. He likes bacon strips. Don't we all.

Cool looking headwear by Emily.

Aunt Beth, Grandma Becky, Grandpa Ron's boots, and my child's ass crack were also present and accounted for.

Becky's headwear and nifty scarf by Emily. A lot of people got "crotcheted" by Emily for the holidays. She's crafty like that.

The stockings were hung in the hallway with care.

Nevermind that my child's ass was yes, still bare.

Tyler's woman friend Lily was there, and look, there's her twin sister Rachel sitting on the couch with her. I wore red shoes for the occasion, and my bare-assed child wore her Batgirl shirt. Grandpa Ron was enthralled by it all.

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