Monday, January 09, 2012

Five Steps To Freedom

I somehow couldn't manage to find time to blog this weekend, nevermind the fact that we spent most of it sitting around the house. Good for our budget, good for getting my coin sales packaged and out the door, but not good for much else.

Speaking of coins, I'm doing everything in my power to find/make the time to continue with this desire to buy and sell on EBAY for some extra money for our household. Thus far January is looking pretty good, and I hope to raise the cash needed for my rental car and gas money for next weekend while I'm in Tennessee visiting my parents and cousin-bro Bill.

It's slightly ironic that the year we've committed to buckling down on our spending is shaping up to be a banner year for travel, and just today a trip later this month to Santa Fe has crept out of the woodwork, so it just keeps building.

Here's an example of the types of coins I'm selling. I could bore you with details involving my strategy in buying and reselling for profit, but I'll save that for my future multi-billion dollar, best-selling book. My God, have you ever seen a 100 year old penny look that amazing? Hmmm.

Well, moving onto other non-coin related things. I'm jumping back on the Christmas train, with a few more pictures from that period.

Our small child got this shrine to Disney dolls. My wife spent only a few hours putting this monstrosity together. Better her than me.

The small child received a number of other non-Disney related things, although I think I posted another picture here of her opening an Ariel doll. Anyway, she was well pleased with her haul.

Here I am on Christmas Eve morning (I think), sharing the mysteries of life with the small child. Apparently it was small enough to hold in my hand. Maybe it was a coin.

And here are the Grandparents Homans opening their gifts.

I seem to have ran out of uploaded pictures, so I think I'm done, for now. The wife and child will be arriving home shortly, and I still have a dishwasher to empty and reload before dinner.

Before I leave you, my apologies for any misspellings in any of these posts from January. This mediocre blog software has it's limitations, and those limitations are different on every laptop we have in the house. The laptop I'm using now is easier to type on, and upload photos from, but apparently I can't resize fonts or enable spell check from here. Oh well, I'm sure all two of you that read this can deal with that.


The E in TEB(OT) said...

I'm having a lot of fun reading these. Annnd I need to get my pictures off of the new camera. That way you'll have more.

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Don't worry, as long as I continue to live in the past, I'll have pictures to post. I only posted 20 or so blogs in all of 2011, pretty scary. I'll make up for that this year.

- The T in TEB(OT)