Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introducing... Emily's Camera!

It goes to show that at least one person reads these blogs, that being my lovely wife. Moments after complaining about not having any new pictures to post here, my wonderful wife presented me with a wide array of shots from her new camera.

And without further ado, and while I have time before the wife and kid get home, here are a few of the highlights.

We recently went to the zoo with Rachel, and I once again was ran over. You may have seen the prior version of this picture on Crackbook, but here's a new one. Chances are if you're friends with my wife on CB, you've already seen this picture, but let's pretend you haven't, along with all the others that follow. Else, my existence here in Blogville is in complete and utter vain.

This is our child's safe place. No, actually her safe place is on a Dora couch under our dining room table, but she small child seems to favor small spaces, including one of our laundry hampers. Silly child.

The local fire station visited Brenna's school recently, and she came away with this nifty helmet.

Here is a nice picture of Brenna at one of her recent swim lessons. It's been really nice having this outlet for her, especially during the winter when it's too cold to do this type of thing outside. Hopefully upon our return from Santa Fe, we'll be booking her with her instructor twice a week until she's made up all of those days she's missed for some reason or another. We're still trying to capture the child in flight, flinging herself into the pool from the side.

And finally, here is another outside outlet, a local mall's play area. Like the sasquatch caught in it's native habitat, Emily captured our child in motion here. I promise, the sasqautch references will taper off eventually, although I'm going to have to exclaim at least more than once "it's pretty damn squatchy out here", as we're driving through the mountains of Arizona and New Mexico this weekend.

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