Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Month, Another Blog

I'm back again for what's becoming the monthly blog update on what's going on in these parts.

Let's see, I'm still working, Emily is still working, Brenna is getting bigger and sassier. Have a good night.

No, seriously, there's more, but I'll be giving the condensed version tonight for lack of time and motivation.

There haven't been very many new Brenna pictures to share recently, but here are a few. The first two are of her holding a rose that she picked up at one of the many locations where she sweet talks us into buying her stuff that ends up junking up the house. At least for this moment in time, she seemed to be enjoying this rose quite a bit.

Ah, the sweet smell of fake rose. As things continue to warm up outside, hopefully we'll have some fresh cut roses in the house. I hope to eventually provide an update on that other blog I used to maintain on a regular basis, the Hoes one. I still have an affinity for hoes, but haven't had much time for them lately, either, alas.

I thought I could take a cute picture of the small child by the window with the light shining in on her, but failed to stand her in front of the electrical outlet. Sometimes you capture the moment when it presents itself and you can't worry about the finer details.

Grandma and Grandpa H sent Brenna a beautiful Valentines Day card with a treasure in it, which she's displaying proudly here. Upon seeing the greenback in her card, the child exclaimed, "I can buy a hundred things with this!". We immediately ran out to the antique mall and Wal Mart and bought three things. Close enough.

Emily is back out at the Renaissance Festival. She didn't like the picture I took of her in her costume, so I present to you some random guy standing on a column looking classy. Regards.