Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Extreme Birthday'ing

In the same vain as extreme skydiving, extreme bungee jumping, and extreme hot dog eating, I present to you extreeeme birthday'ing.
You can't have an extreme birthday without an extreme cake. Red and brown just screaams extreme. This fantabulous cake was presented by Emily, and was her best foray thus far into the realm of egg-less cake making.

And of course, you can't have an extreme cake without an extreme guest. Emily's grandma, who was in town from the anti-hell state, also known as Colorado, was the lucky recipient of said extreme cake. She's overjoyed! And who can blame her, just look at that cake! Yowza!

Here is the extreme birthday guest, posing with two of her extreme grandchildren. Well, Rachel looks extreme, Brenna looks, hmmm, peaceful?

Perhaps she was that way because she knew some extreme cake was coming her way! Yes sir, that must be it. There was nothing left of this slice except little bits of red Styrofoam plate scattered across the floor. This picture was sponsored by Sophia's foot.
And you can't have an extreme birthday party without breaking out a tea set! And these aren't your normal run of the mill, lead based, spawned in a sweat shop, tea sets. No sir, this is the real deal Hollyfield! The small child was well pleased. Extreme!

And last, but certainly not least, the extreme "which camera do I look at" birthday shot! I got two and Beth got the others, but all together an extreme picture for the archives!
Editor's Note: In honor of Ron's fine Chuck Norris shirt... I hear Chuck Norris tried to put out his own line of toilet paper, but it failed miserably because it wouldn't take (censored) from anyone.
Good night!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm In A Car... And I'm Siiingiing!!!

For those of you that have not friended me/us on Facebook, shame on you. You're missing out on lots of pictures, lazily uploaded there for your quick Brenna fix.

For those of you that continue to patiently wait for some nugget of wisdom to come emanating from my mouth, God bless you. I continue to make an effort to post updates here, if anything, to prove to myself that I'm not a one-trick Facebook pony.

Today, kind of on the spur of the moment, we took a ride up to Camp Verde, about two hours from here. I had been wanting to go back to Montezuma's Castle, at the very least, to finally collect a park stamp in my little National Park traveller book that I've had for the last four or five years. Brenna has a similar one, that has every park in it that she's been to since her birth. Hopefully one day she will grow to appreciate having something like that.

At any rate, my hope was that it would be slightly cooler there than here. While it was indeed cooler (92, compared to 106), it was very sticky, and despite the shade on the interpretive trail, it was pretty nasty. Needless to say, we paid an average of a dollar a minute for how long we were there, versus our admittance fee. If you venture over to Lazytown, aka, Facebook, you'll see some other trip related pictures, but only here, for our rabid blog followers, will you be able to witness our small child bellowing to one of her Glee CDs, while we rode back home this afternoon.

First, a token picture of our destination.

And secondly, what you came here for. Here she is, warming up to whatever song was playing for the hundredth time in a row. Something about loving someone and mashed potatoes, I'm not sure, it all runs together to me.

Despite the traffic lights request that she cease and desist, Brenna soldiers on, slowly moving to the climax of said re-baked song.

Yes! We're almost at the finale. Hands triumphantly waving, it's just a matter of time before that last note is struck, and I can enjoy the two seconds of silence before the next remake that didn't ever need to exist begins.

And there it is. Ladies and gentleman, a star is born. I'd never be allowed out of the house again if I was caught doing this to a Voivod (still the greatest Canadian heavy metal band to walk the earth) song, whilst in the car with the family; but if the small child can get away with it, perhaps I can as well. Dare to dream.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Eye On The Prize

This past weekend we spiffed up the house for an open house. Hopefully we can keep things nice and tidy for the legroom, going forward.

Emily baked a tasty calomonden cake that gives me heartburn with every serving, but chased with a pair of Tums, and it's mmm delicious.

Rachel spent the night on Saturday, here she is dancing with Brenna with the Wii. Oh, those crazy, flexible kids.

And being useful as ever, here we see the small child posing in the sewing/guest/exercise room with a new friend.

For the record, Blogger doesn't know how to spell calomonden, either. Ha.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Excess Baggage

I keep forgetting now that I'm clocking in for work at 5 in the morning that my day is officially over at 2 in the afternoon, adding a little bonus time before the fam gets home to do constructive things like... post another blog! Well, that's just special now, isn't it.

This past weekend, Brenna and Emily baked some sugar cookies, and decorated them up with some gel frosting (is that what it's called, I'm so not an expert on such things). We won't go into the lively discussion had at Wal Mart about which package of frosting the small child wanted to pick up.

Anyway, frosting in the end was obtained, and here is the proof.

And yet more proof. By golly, we've got frosting!

Here's a shot of the cookie-faced small child, caught in the act of, well, doing something. Since we can't see her arms, there's no telling. Perhaps punching me in the gut Sean Pean style for getting too up close and personal. She doesn't look terribly happy here. Yes, perhaps that was the issue.

And finally, the fruits of Brenna's labor. A multi-eyed, smirking rabbit for your dining pleasure.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Been A Long Time Since I Posted A Blog

Still here... been around.

This is probably the first blog posted on our new laptop; I loathe the keyboard, the shift and control button are not perfectly conformed to my hands. I'll get most of the way through posting this and will hit the wrong button and wipe everything out, mark my words .

I can't proceed any further without giving the required monsoon weather update. It rained today. Yes, indeed, and by golly, it actually rained when the clouds gathered. No dust storm or fruitless thunder and lightning, just a good fashioned (albeit short) frog strangler from the bank to our house this afternoon.

Continuing with complete randomness, here's a picture of Brenna getting ready for our recent trip to St. Louis. She did extremely well for 20 hours in the car, one-way, so well that we managed to cover 1450 miles in two days on the way back leaving us with a days vacation to sit around the house and unwind. Lovely.

Along the way we saw this scary beast of a storm.

One word: Cow.

Here we are with my parents walking across the Mississippi.

And here we are posing in front of the arch. Well, we, meaning everyone except me.

Here's a shot of the backseat passengers.

And finally, rocking my sign for victory as we approached home. I was, of course, parked safely in our driveway when Brenna took this picture of me.

As time permits, and to allow myself the ability to drag some more blog posts out of this trip, stay tuned for more pictures. Damn you Facebook, I will not conform and post a hundred pictures of St. Louis because it's easy. Good night.