Friday, July 09, 2010

Been A Long Time Since I Posted A Blog

Still here... been around.

This is probably the first blog posted on our new laptop; I loathe the keyboard, the shift and control button are not perfectly conformed to my hands. I'll get most of the way through posting this and will hit the wrong button and wipe everything out, mark my words .

I can't proceed any further without giving the required monsoon weather update. It rained today. Yes, indeed, and by golly, it actually rained when the clouds gathered. No dust storm or fruitless thunder and lightning, just a good fashioned (albeit short) frog strangler from the bank to our house this afternoon.

Continuing with complete randomness, here's a picture of Brenna getting ready for our recent trip to St. Louis. She did extremely well for 20 hours in the car, one-way, so well that we managed to cover 1450 miles in two days on the way back leaving us with a days vacation to sit around the house and unwind. Lovely.

Along the way we saw this scary beast of a storm.

One word: Cow.

Here we are with my parents walking across the Mississippi.

And here we are posing in front of the arch. Well, we, meaning everyone except me.

Here's a shot of the backseat passengers.

And finally, rocking my sign for victory as we approached home. I was, of course, parked safely in our driveway when Brenna took this picture of me.

As time permits, and to allow myself the ability to drag some more blog posts out of this trip, stay tuned for more pictures. Damn you Facebook, I will not conform and post a hundred pictures of St. Louis because it's easy. Good night.

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grandma becky said...

"Brenna's hula picture was so adorable!" from Payton.
"The cookies were cute and so is Brenna. I loved her making cookies. I loved it." from Braden.
"Beautiful child and funny blog! Tom, you crack me up. Scary looking storm clouds. Your parents look great." from Grandma Becky