Saturday, July 28, 2007

Rainy Day Saturday With Brenna

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Late Night Posting

I'll be brief tonight, it's gotten late and Brenna is sleeping (and rolling) in the next room.

Below are some new pics, including:

- Brenna bath time, she's fascinated with the drain and keeps trying to pull herself out of her little tub to investigate it

- Brenna saying "duck" whenever she sees and grabs this bath-time toy

- Brenna showing off her zebra PJs that Emily got her from Old Navy

- Brenna in her big girl car seat, recently installed by Emily

- And because I'm too lazy to upload one picture to the Hoes blog (although I did upload some weather radar shots from yesterdays storm today), another lone rose bloom on the north side of the house. The humidity and recent rain are bringing these plants back from the dead (well, most of them)

Friday, July 20, 2007

No One Says Old Man To The Old Man

I'll get my gripes out of the way first, it rained last night... but not here. About ten last night a huge wall of dust approached from the south (reminded me of that scene in the movie The Mummy), but no rain behind it, at least for us. The rain basically skirted us to the south, wrapped around us, and rained everywhere in the valley west of us. I'll admit there was a nice breeze that came with it, and the smell of rain in the air was nice, but feeling the rain would have been a tad better. Unfortunately our dog kept me up until nearly two this morning, whining from the thunder in the distance (never mind it was moving away from us).

Nonetheless, this is a good sign of hopefully some rain to come in the future.

I decided to take the last two days off and have worked in the yard before it's gotten too hot. I'll post some pictures of the yard here shortly, for your viewing pleasure.

Below are a few pictures of Brenna and Emily on the back porch. Brenna is sporting a dress I got her whilst in Hawaii this last time.

Brenna has taken a shine to beating me with various objects that Emily hands her. Her rattle hurts the most. although the butt end of this Dr. Pepper bottle didn't feel very good either. Notice she's two fisting it to get the most weight behind her swings. What a good girl.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Videos In No Order Whatsoever

With a little free time this afternoon, I've uploaded seven new Brenna videos for your viewing pleasure.

1. Brenna Waves Bye-Bye

Saturday, July 14, 2007

While I Was Away

Today I finally got around to uploading all of my Hawaii pictures off the camera from my recent trip, and found a number of other random Brenna pictures, probably taken right after I got back. I think Emily and Brenna went to their Aunt Molly's the day I got back into town, and they also went to a Tea Party at the church, welcoming the new pastor's wife to town.

For starters, below is a picture of Brenna sticking her tongue out. She's very fond of blowing spit bubbles these days, and making Indian noises with her hand over her mouth. She's also nailed the Queen's wave when saying hello or goodbye to someone, and is mastering a few new words, including "duck" and "bear". My favorite is still "dada", and I do what I can to get that one to come out any chance I get.

Brenna has a number of new teeth that are trying to push through, and her nights have been pretty rough. Last night Emily and I drove her to sleep at 2 in the morning, got her home at 3, only to end up playing with her until Starbucks opened at 5. We then drove to a local cemetery (no lie) so Brenna could sleep in peace, which she did for another 90 minutes. Emily got absolutely no sleep last night, but hopefully will have a better one this evening.

We also went to the doctor for a 9 month visit, Brenna now weighs 19 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches, both in the 50th percentile. She's still struggling with getting over her leg to crawl, we think she's afraid of busting on her face. She is still holding onto the couch and Emily, and standing (wobbling, really), and she still enjoys any music we play for her.

I will sift through the numerous video clips that Emily took of her in recent weeks and will try to upload some of them soon.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Quick Update

Just dropping by to let everyone know that since getting back into town I've been playing catch up with work and haven't had a chance to upload any pictures or videos. Emily took a lot of video of Brenna while I was gone, and since I've returned she's gotten new video of Brenna "reading" out load her favorite Pat A Cake book (she points at the pictures and chatters to herself, very cute). I also filmed her "dancing" while watching a Social Distortion DVD the other night, entertaining.

Emily has also had a death in the family this week, and we have been busy spending time with her family, and helping where we can. Please be praying for her during this time.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to update everyone again this upcoming weekend, until then...

Saturday, July 07, 2007

My Life Is Full

I'm on my way home... finally. I hate this overnight flight, the seats on the plane are too uncomfortable to fall asleep and I'm a stinking, walking zombie by the time I land in Oakland. At least that's what happened last month when I took this flight. One good bit of news, I managed to find time to check my work email between customer visits today, so I won't be spending my Saturday catching up on today's festivities.

Still digging, my Faith No More station is rockin', I've listened to it enough this trip to weed out the garbage I don't want to hear again (ahem, Korn). You can't beat hearing Naked In Front Of The Computer, what a great FNM song. I hope Mike Patton and his recent project Tomahawk come to town to support their new CD. I would love to listen to this website while on the plane, but it doesn't work that way. And some schlub in front of me will recline his seat into my lap to where I won't be able to even play Hearts or sort pictures, etc.

If I'm talking about music, I must be running out of things to say. Emily says that Brenna is getting closer to crawling every day, and now has a 6th tooth, so she's sleeping better now that it's surfaced.
Until next time.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Prostitutes And Prawns

This may well be my final blog from Hawaii Trip #2. I may have a chance during my layover in Oakland on the way home, but who wants to know what I'm doing there? The thrill is gone, alas.

I'm excited to be getting home, although I've enjoyed my time here. Today was a rather long one. I started out about five this morning walking over to Starbucks. Along the way I witnessed the following:

- Two policemen breaking up two prostitutes that were fighting over something (was on the other side of the street, and didn't slow down to eavesdrop)
- Another prostitute on my side of the street meeting up with her pimp, who handed her off to a nearby customer, can't say as I've ever seen that in such close proximity, or anywhere except maybe on Cops
- Yet another prostitute appearing from the shadows of a nearby parking garage, warning this other one to duck into an alleyway with her new friend, because police were around the corner

I apparently have been living in my own little naive world the last two trips that I've been here, I've either turned a blind eye to these festivities or have just simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time (or perhaps the other way around, depending on how you look at it).

At any rate, the rest of my day wasn't nearly as interesting, visiting one customer in the morning, checking email at the hotel during my lunch, visiting another customer in the afternoon, sitting in traffic, and visiting yet another customer this evening until about seven). There is a LOT of traffic around here, it took me at 5pm 40 minutes to drive 6 miles.

After fifteen minutes to catch my breath, I had to go back down to the lobby to meet up with the other ten or eleven EPL folks that are here working these conversions, for a dinner at the revolving rooftop restaurant that's down the street from here. This meal (consisting of scallops, prawns and crab ravioli) was courtesy of our CEO, who flew out to visit with the new customers (he by the way couldn't remember who I was when he saw me, we'll write that off to jet lag!).

On the way back to the hotel I decided to stop off at one of the fifty ABC Stores in the block to get some M&Ms, and despite making no eye contact whatsoever, was approached by a prostitute that (gasp and egads) touched my arm on my way by her, trying to get my attention.

Nothing like having your day bookended by prostitutes.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Zoo Blooms

There were animals at the zoo, but I took lots of pictures of plants in bloom for Emily's consideration on our living room redecoration project. We're going to blow a few of these up the wall behind our couch.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Morning In The Woods

I took advantage of my day off and spent the morning hiking to Manoa Falls, which is just north of Honolulu, on the city side of the mountains. The farther I drove away from the beach, the darker it got until it was pouring rain when I parked at the trailhead. Fortunately, the jungle canopy was so thick that once I got underneath, the downpour became a light drizzle/rain. Most of my pictures turned out blurry because it was dark for the majority of the hike, but below are a few shots that turned out, including the most important part, the falls. In one of the pictures you'll see a few other people looking up at them, giving you an idea of how far they cascade down the side of the cliff. Truly an amazing place.

I spent the later part of my morning walking around the Honolulu Zoo, taking close up pictures of blooms for our living room redecoration project, but will post those separately, in case I'm running out of internet access time.

My Feet Itch

So far so good. I got placed in the renovated tower of the hotel this go around. The beds are still horribly uncomfortable and the pillows too smushy, but the view is better than before, and I have internet in the room, so I can't complain.

I'm off tomorrow, and trying to figure out whether it's worth exploring the west or north parts of the island, or hang around the hotel, checking out all of the shops in the Waikiki area. Either way, I'm supposed to take pictures of flowers tomorrow for our living room renovation project, I'm thinking of taking the easy way out and going to the zoo since it's within walking distance and no doubt has nice landscaping.

Thanks to my bestest friend Emily for turning me onto, a cool site where you can input your favorite band, and have a streaming radio station built around that band, mixing in similar ones to boot. For my Faith No More station I've heard some Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell, and Prong, a bad I knew nothing about until now, and dig at the present.

Below are a few pictures I found on the camera when I got here. Brenna's getting close to crawling, but may just skip that and go to walking, as we she can hold herself up against the couch. She digs Emily's cell phone.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello From Oakland

I'm sitting here waiting on my connecting flight to Honolulu, so far an uneventful trip (other than listening to a baby about Brenna's age scream for most of the way over). The pilot gleefully announced that it's forty degrees cooler here than in Phoenix. That was the best news I've heard today.

I'll be rolling into Oahu around midnight tonight, but have a pretty light work day scheduled for the 4th. I hope to post some pictures of my day then and will check in as time permits going forward. I'm hoping to get checked into the renovated tower at the hotel where wireless in the rooms is standard.