Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Late Night Posting

I'll be brief tonight, it's gotten late and Brenna is sleeping (and rolling) in the next room.

Below are some new pics, including:

- Brenna bath time, she's fascinated with the drain and keeps trying to pull herself out of her little tub to investigate it

- Brenna saying "duck" whenever she sees and grabs this bath-time toy

- Brenna showing off her zebra PJs that Emily got her from Old Navy

- Brenna in her big girl car seat, recently installed by Emily

- And because I'm too lazy to upload one picture to the Hoes blog (although I did upload some weather radar shots from yesterdays storm today), another lone rose bloom on the north side of the house. The humidity and recent rain are bringing these plants back from the dead (well, most of them)

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