Friday, July 20, 2007

No One Says Old Man To The Old Man

I'll get my gripes out of the way first, it rained last night... but not here. About ten last night a huge wall of dust approached from the south (reminded me of that scene in the movie The Mummy), but no rain behind it, at least for us. The rain basically skirted us to the south, wrapped around us, and rained everywhere in the valley west of us. I'll admit there was a nice breeze that came with it, and the smell of rain in the air was nice, but feeling the rain would have been a tad better. Unfortunately our dog kept me up until nearly two this morning, whining from the thunder in the distance (never mind it was moving away from us).

Nonetheless, this is a good sign of hopefully some rain to come in the future.

I decided to take the last two days off and have worked in the yard before it's gotten too hot. I'll post some pictures of the yard here shortly, for your viewing pleasure.

Below are a few pictures of Brenna and Emily on the back porch. Brenna is sporting a dress I got her whilst in Hawaii this last time.

Brenna has taken a shine to beating me with various objects that Emily hands her. Her rattle hurts the most. although the butt end of this Dr. Pepper bottle didn't feel very good either. Notice she's two fisting it to get the most weight behind her swings. What a good girl.

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