Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My Morning In The Woods

I took advantage of my day off and spent the morning hiking to Manoa Falls, which is just north of Honolulu, on the city side of the mountains. The farther I drove away from the beach, the darker it got until it was pouring rain when I parked at the trailhead. Fortunately, the jungle canopy was so thick that once I got underneath, the downpour became a light drizzle/rain. Most of my pictures turned out blurry because it was dark for the majority of the hike, but below are a few shots that turned out, including the most important part, the falls. In one of the pictures you'll see a few other people looking up at them, giving you an idea of how far they cascade down the side of the cliff. Truly an amazing place.

I spent the later part of my morning walking around the Honolulu Zoo, taking close up pictures of blooms for our living room redecoration project, but will post those separately, in case I'm running out of internet access time.

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Margot said...

Beautiful pictures! Well done.