Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got The Time

Another event-filled weekend has come and gone, and here I am on a Tuesday afternoon with nothing better to do than share a few pictures with you! You're so lucky!

We had better seats this weekend for Brenna's swimming lessons, so I took a few shots of what the small child is learning about these days for our xx.xx dollars a month.

1 - It's more fun to float on your back than on your stomach. Matter of fact I can think of numerous reasons to not be floating on your stomach.

2 - It's more fun practicing holding your breath on your own terms than being dunked by a Katie Holmes look-a-like swim instructor.

3 - It's more fun jumping off the back of a foam hippo than a live one. If you're jumping off the back of a live one, you've got some serious problems.

En route to Aunt Tansy's goodbye party, we stopped at a local outlet mall. With cousin Rachel in tow, everyone posed briefly by this horsie ride.

I have a picture of Rachel riding the horse also. Rachel, you're welcome.

Not pictured: Falling asleep on Uncle Don and Aunt Mollie's sofa, watering the yard and cursing Mother Earth numerous times, and eating fish for dinner with burnt rolls.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Week In The Life

It's been a very busy week here at the Homans' Household, and thanks to the aforementioned phone technology that's been dropped in my lap, I can bring you along for every spine-tingling moment.

For starters, we took the small child to a local mall to get one of those Build-A-Bear things, as a reward for her not clawing anyone's eyes out during the first few weeks of school. While we're not against bloodshed here in our household, we frown upon such things when they happen in public.

Before a nasty haboob rolled in, Brenna had a chance to play outside, posing here on a wiggly worm and a butterfly.

The most exciting thing to happen at school this week was discovering that Brenna doesn't have to keep her shirt tucked in all day. Our little caveman lawyer (inside joke) was pleased with this, and who can blame her when it's 114 outside.

Back to the subject at hand, here we find Brenna and Emily picking out an outfit for her new bunny, later named Hopsy Flopsy, or Fartsy Schmartsy, I can't recall at the moment.

Our cousin Darrick came down from Minnesota for the occasion, he's standing around in the background by the front door, checking things out. Just couldn't stay away from our wonderful August weather, could you Darrick?

Hmmm, so many names to ponder for the stuffed rabbit. Well, I gave that one away earlier, Hopsy Flopsy, Poopsy Doopsy, something like that. So much for suspense, I blew that one.

Okay, here's another picture with no story line to go with it. Brenna's getting a little help here keying the rabbit's name into the registry. I think for what we paid, we got LoJack installed in it as well.

Later in the week we bought Brenna a helmet for her bike, not pictured here. She felt inclined to ride around the pool table with it on. After all, it's hard to ride your bike in hell, with the tires sticking to the sidewalk and all, so for now we're indoors. Pictures of the Cinderella bike to follow perhaps in a later post, when it's cool enough to step foot in the garage for five minutes.

Ah, here's a nice picture of us enjoying a crisp fall evening on the veranda. No, actually it was 110 in the shade at the Lawn & Garden section of Wal Mart when I took this shot of our enthusiastic child.

Finally, typical attitude from the child, almost complete had there been a middle finger or some tooting involved.

And no, I'm not at all bitter about summers that last until Thansgiving, that's completely natural.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Shots From The Phone

I'm blaming my absence for the inability to email myself these photos from my new phone. Turns out I had to remove and re-add my Hotmail login ID and credentials to sync back up and forward these along to myself. Blah blah, technical jargon, yadda yadda.

Anyway, I'm summoning the energy for a quick update before I collapse for the evening, so here goes.

Our local Borders is going out of business (along with the rest of the country, is it 2012 yet?), much to our chagrin. While that means new books at used book prices, our favorite coffee shop at the mall is closing with them, so we'll be migrating to another locale for our Friday afternoons of fun in the near future. Here's a shot of Emily reading to the small child in the small child section of said bookstore. Brenna apparently thinks I'm part of the paparazzi.

Here she is in the play place at the same mall, striking the perfect mermaid pose atop this fancy, spotted turtle.

You must be this tall to crawl through a beaver.

In other news, with the help of Commander Brenna, these three fortunate souls were blasted into space from Grandma Becky's house. It's a good thing they had on their protective goggles for the trip, lest the creatures from Uranus steal their eyes. That one never gets old.

Finally, as a last gasp, here's another shot of our child from a week or so ago. God willing and my phone continues to email photos properly, I'll be back in due time with more randomness for your reading enjoyment.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Non-Informative Blog

Another week has passed in the Homans' Household, and there is nary a thing to share since the last update.

Brenna is slowly getting used to an 8 hour day at Kindergarten, and we're getting used to making it a habit of forcing our night owl to be in bed at a decent hour so the morning routine goes a little smoother.

For your viewing pleasure I've uploaded a blast from the past, Brenna going off to her first day of pre-school last year, and another shot of her from this year, but in a different outfit.

She's so grown up now, it's almost ridiculous.

I've been having issues with my phone (the one I've been bragging about) not emailing photos to my Hotmail account properly, so I have some good ones that are stranded presently. In the meantime, Emily took a few shots of Brenna being a mermaid over the weekend. There was a play involved, including at least four Acts, an intermission, audience participation, and oodles of singing. We took video of part of the show, but until I can track down the proper cable, uploading off the camcorder is no longer possible. The new phone takes killer video, but alas, the inability to email them to my Hotmail surfaces again.

So, until all is right with the world (which may take a while, depending on how you're looking at it), here is a picture of Tigger as a cross-dresser. Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Small Child Starts School

I've said this many a time in the four years that I've been maintaining this blog, my God how quick the time is flying. It seems like yesterday that I started this site, and now our small child is going to Kindergarten. Holy %#&*.

Well, when you last checked in, our small child was fighting crime and righting wrongs as Batgirl. After saving the world from imminent destruction, our caped crusader fled through the undergrowth back to the Batcave to start another day.

When she emerged, she was decked out in the following outfit, ready to head to school as her alias, Brenna.

I must say that I'm thrilled the wife took so many pictures from this morning. I probably would have taken one and called it a day. Landscape photography is more my bag.

Here is the small child in the car, heading to school.

And here she is getting out of the car at school.

And here I am walking her to the sidewalk. The pythons got quite a workout carrying that fifty pound backpack. The small child apparently didn't have any trouble with it, must be her low center of gravity.

Our small child is at the front of this line after school, awaiting pickup. Since Emily works afternoons at the church/school, it was a stroll across the parking lot for us. I'm guessing they lined the kids up by height. Our child is a head shorter than these Amazons.

Here's a picture of the crucial hand off of the small child from teacher to parent. Notice she's hauling her backpack with no issue. She's fierce.

And finally, the spoils of an excellent first day at school Pudding in the church office, over carpet with no towel, no less. The beard is well pleased.