Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Small Child Starts School

I've said this many a time in the four years that I've been maintaining this blog, my God how quick the time is flying. It seems like yesterday that I started this site, and now our small child is going to Kindergarten. Holy %#&*.

Well, when you last checked in, our small child was fighting crime and righting wrongs as Batgirl. After saving the world from imminent destruction, our caped crusader fled through the undergrowth back to the Batcave to start another day.

When she emerged, she was decked out in the following outfit, ready to head to school as her alias, Brenna.

I must say that I'm thrilled the wife took so many pictures from this morning. I probably would have taken one and called it a day. Landscape photography is more my bag.

Here is the small child in the car, heading to school.

And here she is getting out of the car at school.

And here I am walking her to the sidewalk. The pythons got quite a workout carrying that fifty pound backpack. The small child apparently didn't have any trouble with it, must be her low center of gravity.

Our small child is at the front of this line after school, awaiting pickup. Since Emily works afternoons at the church/school, it was a stroll across the parking lot for us. I'm guessing they lined the kids up by height. Our child is a head shorter than these Amazons.

Here's a picture of the crucial hand off of the small child from teacher to parent. Notice she's hauling her backpack with no issue. She's fierce.

And finally, the spoils of an excellent first day at school Pudding in the church office, over carpet with no towel, no less. The beard is well pleased.


grandma becky said...

She looks so grown up!

Janice said...

Congrats, Brenna! Any tears from mom and dad?

Celebrating Family

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

There were no tears! :-) I was saving them for the nephew heading off to bootcamp the next week.