Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Non-Informative Blog

Another week has passed in the Homans' Household, and there is nary a thing to share since the last update.

Brenna is slowly getting used to an 8 hour day at Kindergarten, and we're getting used to making it a habit of forcing our night owl to be in bed at a decent hour so the morning routine goes a little smoother.

For your viewing pleasure I've uploaded a blast from the past, Brenna going off to her first day of pre-school last year, and another shot of her from this year, but in a different outfit.

She's so grown up now, it's almost ridiculous.

I've been having issues with my phone (the one I've been bragging about) not emailing photos to my Hotmail account properly, so I have some good ones that are stranded presently. In the meantime, Emily took a few shots of Brenna being a mermaid over the weekend. There was a play involved, including at least four Acts, an intermission, audience participation, and oodles of singing. We took video of part of the show, but until I can track down the proper cable, uploading off the camcorder is no longer possible. The new phone takes killer video, but alas, the inability to email them to my Hotmail surfaces again.

So, until all is right with the world (which may take a while, depending on how you're looking at it), here is a picture of Tigger as a cross-dresser. Enjoy.

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