Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got The Time

Another event-filled weekend has come and gone, and here I am on a Tuesday afternoon with nothing better to do than share a few pictures with you! You're so lucky!

We had better seats this weekend for Brenna's swimming lessons, so I took a few shots of what the small child is learning about these days for our xx.xx dollars a month.

1 - It's more fun to float on your back than on your stomach. Matter of fact I can think of numerous reasons to not be floating on your stomach.

2 - It's more fun practicing holding your breath on your own terms than being dunked by a Katie Holmes look-a-like swim instructor.

3 - It's more fun jumping off the back of a foam hippo than a live one. If you're jumping off the back of a live one, you've got some serious problems.

En route to Aunt Tansy's goodbye party, we stopped at a local outlet mall. With cousin Rachel in tow, everyone posed briefly by this horsie ride.

I have a picture of Rachel riding the horse also. Rachel, you're welcome.

Not pictured: Falling asleep on Uncle Don and Aunt Mollie's sofa, watering the yard and cursing Mother Earth numerous times, and eating fish for dinner with burnt rolls.

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