Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week (Or So) In Review

My last blog post was over on the Hoes site, so while it may appear to the casual observer that I've been slacking off, I have officially posted something in the last week. My goal used to be to post something every two to three days, but as the demands of our small child increase, my blogging frequency has decreased accordingly. And that's just fine with me, I wouldn't miss this time with my little girl for all the slot machines in Reno.

We've had a very busy weekend.

Not pictured, on Friday night we drove into downtown Mesa for a cool guitars and antique cars show at the local arts center, complete with live music, crafts, and I think they had dwarfs juggling ferrets as well. You name it, they had it.

On Saturday we took the small child to her weekly swim practice, and spent some time at Aunt Beth's while the two sisters worked out. And then, because we couldn't tear ourselves away from Beth's presence, we meet she, Grandma Becky, Rachel, and Lily at the dollar movies to see The Zookeeper, went to Ross together (where I finally found another pair of low cut Converse in a half size, apparently a rarity, or else I'm just not looking in the right places), and then spent the rest of the evening at her house eating dinner and watching it rain for hours on end.

Yes, it finally least at her house.

Here is Exhibit A through whatever:

That last picture is Beth and John's driveway underwater. Shame it missed our house, although admittedly we did get some. Maybe there's more to come, only the shadow knows.

On Sunday, after church, Brenna and I played pretend cafe, where I was served a wide assortment of breakfast fare, all very tasty indeed. What a wonderful hostess she is. She even cleaned up afterwards with a (toy) vacuum. The small child has quite the imagination.

Finally, before I go, I was advised that the missus wasn't terribly happy with a picture I posted in the last Hoes blog. So, in penance, I offer awkward Tom photo number one, this taken back in 1988 when I was 14 or so, at Glacier National Park in Montana. Yep, that's all 125 pounds of me, Kid N Play hair and all. Maybe I'll make this a regular installment of the blog, I have nothing to hide.

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