Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morbid Curiosity

My apologies for being off the grid for a few weeks. I had some outpatient surgery late last week to ensure that we're not adding any new letters to TEB(OT), and spent time leading up to the procedure getting things done around the house, and have been laid up lame until recently.

I did, however, manage to drag my carcass off the couch on Saturday afternoon/evening to go with the family to the Desert Botantical Gardens in Phoenix. I've lived here for over ten years now and yet I've never been before, pretty insane considering how much we enjoy the Arboretum. Maybe the allure of cooler tempatures are what pull us to drive east instead of west?

Here's a horrible segue; they had these huge wooden insect sculptures all over the place. Here is one of them, pretty damn large, reminded me of War Of The Worlds for some reason. Emily took pictures of many more of these, some of which are pictured below.

Brenna is shown here flashing a new gang sign. I think it means take me to McDonalds (again). Can you believe the small child will be 5 in a week or so? Scary.

Here's another wooden bug of some sort. A shit weevil, I'm guessing. Ahem.

I elected to stay on my feet for the duration of our visit, until coerced into posing in this alcove with the rest of the family. Oof. Not pictured, Beth, who took the picture, and Rachel, who's simply too good for us (j/k). Ron was off shooting something, I'm guessing.

Here's another wooden bug. A dung beetle? I should read the signs; that's what Emily is for.

Hey look! Brenna posing next to a rock on a bridge!

No, wait, that's a desert tortoise eating some prickly pear cactus.

Ok, I know what this one is, a grasshopper.

Thank you all for your patience while I've been recovering. Posts may be pretty spotty for the next two months as we have trips to Birmingham, San Diego, and Kauai planned.

Five days removed from my procedure, and it only gets better from here. Good night!

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