Sunday, August 31, 2008

Saturday Attitude

We had a fun little day yesterday, driving up to Scottdale and making a few stops along the way. I'm on call for work this week and have been (and will continue to be) keying transactions for a new customer (about 500 total, ouch) this weekend, extremely time consuming.
Here are a few shots of Brenna entertaining herself while Emily took a nap yesterday morning. Some of these she wasn't terribly thrilled to have a camera pointed her way.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Brenna At The Mall

Here are some pictures of Brenna playing at the mall sometime last week with her mama. She appears to be enjoying herself.
Also, to further clutter up our blog site, I've inserted in the right margin a Google search bar for those of you that might need to find something else on the net as your leaving our site. Like the ad bar across the top, anytime you utilize this feature, you're contributing to our daughter's education. Thanks to you all for taking time to click through the ad spots, Brenna says Thank You!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Say What You Will

Here are the final two Brenna videos that I have at the moment. Both Emily and I have shot some new stuff that you'll find entertaining, and I'll try to get that up before the weekend.

BTW, you guys are rocking the Ad Banners For Brenna campaign. So far your click throughs to these sponser sites have earned her nearly seventeen dollars that we'll be placing into a fund for her future education. Good job!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekend Happenings

These pictures are actually from these past few days, although I had a fun day with Brenna today while Emily was at a church conference over in N. Phoenix. We spent time at the house swinging, going around the neighborhood in her scooty-puff mobile, and going down the slide across the street at the park. We then spent the rest of the day over at Grandma's house.

We also got a smidge of rain tonight, enough to get the driveway wet.
Here is Brenna with her new doll. Actually this is her newest cousin.

And here we are out in the swing again.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Readin' About Diego

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hodge Podge Of Fantastic-ness

Yet another bathroom update here for you. While trying to fix the two mirror panels on our medicine cabinet (aligning them), one panel slipped from my grip and shattered on the floor. I replaced that one with a single panel, which you'll see here. Also added since the last update is a storage rack for Emily's things.

In this shot, if you care to look closer, you'll see where, with Ron's (Emily's dad) huge assistance, a landing strip has been installed between the bedroom and bathroom, and another added at the base of the tub to account for the gap in the subfloor to the tile. On the floor there you'll see our new towel racks, which I just installed.
What's left? Painting near the ceiling, installing our new light fixture, maybe adding trim around the window over the shower, and touch up work... perhaps a picture or two. THEN, onto the toilet room.

Our daughter's legs are covered in bites, that we've finally concluded are coming from the play sand she's sitting in in our back yard. We thought maybe they were mosquitos, but she's only getting bitten on her legs, and neither Emily nor myself have seen any skeeters. I rarely sit in the sand with Brenna when she's playing, and don't have the first bite on me.
In this shot, over at Grandma Becky's, Brenna is playing the role of Godzilla.
And finally, videos three and four. Six more to come.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have, count them, ten Brenna videos to upload. They're all pretty short, but I'll post them a few at a time for your viewing pleasure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Day At "The 'Care"

Just when I start to run out of Brenna pictures to post, Emily comes home with a few hundred new ones (including a sweet picture of toilet planters in some one's front yard, check that thing of beauty out on the Hoes blog). I hope by referencing toilets enough here that our ad banner at the top of this blog will start posting ads for them. You're already seeing links for goat's milk, thanks to Brenna's trip to the zoo last week.

Ok, enough of my rambling, to the business at hand.
Here is Brenna showing off her front teeth, a beaverish pose, if you will.
And here we are beating on a table with something striped and cylindrical (I promise you I would never have spelled this correctly without spell checker). She seems happy with whatever she's doing here.

Brenna with the rest of the motley 'care crue (insert the dots over the u, if you will), including some kid who thinks he's a bull (maybe Benny, I just don't know).
"And if you vote for me I promise four more years of fresh diapers and meat sticks for everyone"

And finally, how we get wet out of doors around here during the summer, in the absence of any reasonable rainfall. I'm already bracing for Grandma's comments regarding this picture.

Brenna At Church

Here's a quick collage of Brenna at church this past Sunday. Enjoy!

Monday, August 11, 2008

This Old House and Grubby Brenna

When we last visited this old house, I was busy ripping the old medicine cabinet out of our bathroom, and installing another one.
I have since gutted the rest of the bathroom, including pulling out the old cabinets and ripping the old tile flooring out.
I'll spare you from the twenty pictures of progression that I've taken during the course of this project, and have posted the highlights. I still have to install a new light fixture and put together a shelving unit for Emily's bathroom things, and once done there, I'll be moving into ye old throne room.
Notice how I've posted the bathroom renovation pictures ahead of Brenna so you have no choice but to at least skim through this stuff. That's how I roll.

Ok, now for what you're really here for, pictures of a two year old eating pasta. There's simply nothing finer that watching Brenna tear one of her favorite meals apart. Emily has this knack for catching her as she's stuffing said pastas into her mouth. Mmmm, yummy.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Last Look At The Zoo

I'm finally caught up on posting shots from Brenna's trip to the zoo that happened last Friday. Sheesh.

Here are a few pictures of her stuffing her piehole in a stroller (doing the zoo is hard work).

And here are some shots of Brenna pushing and pulling on various objects.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Splash Pad

Here are a few quick shots of Brenna playing on the splash pad at the zoo this past Friday. Emily is now part of the daycare team and Brenna seems to be enjoying having her mama around all day now.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


See Brenna reaching for a goat.

See Brenna brush a goat.

See Brenna walk around goats as they relieve themselves.

See Brenna hug a goat.

See Brenna hug yet another goat.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


First, the obligatory bedroom update. We spent the better part of yesterday hanging our new ceiling fan that's been sitting the garage the past four or five months. I'm proud to report that no one was electrocuted or barbecued during this process, and the fan AND light work, and independently of each other. We'll eventually move the old fan into my office to replace the ten dollar job that adorns the ceiling there.

Here are a few random shots of Brenna with a beer hat over at the grandparents house. Hmm, so that's what she's doing over there all day...

Brenna continues to enjoy her little house that Grandma and Grandpa H got her some time ago. We've pushed it up against the wall in her bedroom and it's quickly become her Fortress Of Solitude (I think that's a Superman reference). Whenever Emily wants to brush her teeth, she's now ducking behind the front door, closing it behind her and saying "Bye bye momma". Methinks that she thinks she's invisible behind it.

She, where did Brenna go? You absolutely cannot see her behind this door. She's crafty like that.

And finally, a few more random shots of Brenna and Mama. In the near future I'll post some shots from their recent trip to the zoo with the daycare kids. There are some gems in there including Brenna hugging a goat. Yes, hugging.