Sunday, August 03, 2008


First, the obligatory bedroom update. We spent the better part of yesterday hanging our new ceiling fan that's been sitting the garage the past four or five months. I'm proud to report that no one was electrocuted or barbecued during this process, and the fan AND light work, and independently of each other. We'll eventually move the old fan into my office to replace the ten dollar job that adorns the ceiling there.

Here are a few random shots of Brenna with a beer hat over at the grandparents house. Hmm, so that's what she's doing over there all day...

Brenna continues to enjoy her little house that Grandma and Grandpa H got her some time ago. We've pushed it up against the wall in her bedroom and it's quickly become her Fortress Of Solitude (I think that's a Superman reference). Whenever Emily wants to brush her teeth, she's now ducking behind the front door, closing it behind her and saying "Bye bye momma". Methinks that she thinks she's invisible behind it.

She, where did Brenna go? You absolutely cannot see her behind this door. She's crafty like that.

And finally, a few more random shots of Brenna and Mama. In the near future I'll post some shots from their recent trip to the zoo with the daycare kids. There are some gems in there including Brenna hugging a goat. Yes, hugging.

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Melissa Spence said...

Love the new ceiling fan. We had the same exact one in our rental house in Oregon.

Brenna is too funny behind that door. I'll throw a blanket over James and he thinks he's invisible. I'll ask, "where's James" and he'll quietly giggle.