Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hodge Podge Of Fantastic-ness

Yet another bathroom update here for you. While trying to fix the two mirror panels on our medicine cabinet (aligning them), one panel slipped from my grip and shattered on the floor. I replaced that one with a single panel, which you'll see here. Also added since the last update is a storage rack for Emily's things.

In this shot, if you care to look closer, you'll see where, with Ron's (Emily's dad) huge assistance, a landing strip has been installed between the bedroom and bathroom, and another added at the base of the tub to account for the gap in the subfloor to the tile. On the floor there you'll see our new towel racks, which I just installed.
What's left? Painting near the ceiling, installing our new light fixture, maybe adding trim around the window over the shower, and touch up work... perhaps a picture or two. THEN, onto the toilet room.

Our daughter's legs are covered in bites, that we've finally concluded are coming from the play sand she's sitting in in our back yard. We thought maybe they were mosquitos, but she's only getting bitten on her legs, and neither Emily nor myself have seen any skeeters. I rarely sit in the sand with Brenna when she's playing, and don't have the first bite on me.
In this shot, over at Grandma Becky's, Brenna is playing the role of Godzilla.
And finally, videos three and four. Six more to come.

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