Monday, September 28, 2009

A Few More Brenna Pro-Shots

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Photo Op

Brenna hammed it up today at the photographers. I'll post a few of these at a time, there are a ton of them that we got to take home on a disc, enjoy!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Celebrating the beginning of Fall, we'll be dipping below the old 100 degree mark for a high tomorrow, and it looks like we'll stay below it for the next 10 days. Whoopity do. Elsewhere the leaves are changing, people are breaking out their Bill Cosby sweaters, and I'm still dragging a hose around the yard, sweating like a dog keeping the jungle alive. Very thankful for the rain we had about two weeks ago, but as it goes here in the desert, it may be Thanksgiving before we see any more. That gives me plenty of time to put more gutters and rain barrels around the house, in an effort to hoard every drop of rain that drips off the house for future use. Ah, but I digress.

We haven't been taking many pictures of Brenna lately, she commands the camera and wants to take pictures of us instead, so what we get these days is few and far between. But here's a new one of her proudly showing off her outfit for church this past Sunday, which she picked out on her own (well, I helped with the safe pick of a white tank top, what else the heck would go with an octopus patterned skirt).

The child has graduated to enjoying talking so much that she now goes off on these rambling discertations about shows she's seen while at Grandma's, and anything else that she feels like talking and/or complaining about. While getting her out of the car this afternoon, for example, she went from marvelling at the boys playing basketball at the park, to making this statement (and I'm paraphrasing, but this was pretty much what came out of her mouth), "When I grow up, I'll be able to go to the park and play basketball... and I WON'T need your help". Well, appreciatation for the game of basketball and a defiant comment all rolled into one, very efficient. I could go on and on about this subject, but then I would be stooping to her level, wouldn't I?

I made an effort to install our camcorder software on our new computer, after digging through countless boxes in our garage, but was thwarted yet again by Windows Vista, which told me it couldn't install the XP supported software. I even went to Sony's website and downloaded the Vista version, was able to install the application, and now can't get it to recognize when the camcorder is attached to the PC. I'm hoping that Windows 7 will be the answers to my prayers, buying it will probably be cheaper than flying to Washington state and pooping on Microsoft's front lawn to express my disgust over this inferior operating system that I was dupped into inheriting with our new computer. Ah, but I digress again. I say of this to express my apologies for the lack of videos of Brenna. I can go on and on about how much she's talking and how funny she is, but I can't do it justice without the video. For now, you'll just have to believe me, and if anyone would like to ship us another PC that's equipped with XP (you can't downgrade from Vista), I'll gladly install our camcorder software on that PC and upload some video for you all.

Enjoy and get it on.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Busy Week

Not much of an update here, been a busy week with work, and running around with Brenna.

Here are a few more shots of her playing on the computer, still a favorite of hers.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quick Shot - Hanging Around

A few quick pictures of Brenna from the last few days, 1) holding balls again, 2) sitting in a rocking chair that was mine many moons ago, 3) doing something wierd with her arm, yes, holding a ball.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tookie Update

We had a busy weekend here in Tookieville.
On Saturday morning it rained for a few glorious hours. Brenna enjoyed splashing around in the puddles. It was grand. I look forward to doing this again the next time it rains, in December.

Later that day we went over to cousin Jenny's house, ate lunch, and fell asleep on the back porch (well, one of us did that). Here's a shot of Brenna playing with the big kids on an airplane thingy. I'm going to get one of these for our house, maybe to replace the couch with. That'd be sweet.

She didn't learn to do this from us.

Riding in the car today, coming home from Grandma's. I'm told the car was not in motion when this was taken. Check out the Hoes blog to check out some pictures of a thunderhead, which Emily also took pictures of while the car was not in motion.

Our daughter likes balls. Here are two of her favorites. This picture reminded me of another one I had seen recently. Since I have so much time on my hands, I searched it out, only to discover that it wasn't quite as similar as I had hoped.

Ok, so not quite the same, any reason to post a Led Zeppelin picture, though.
Oh yes, and a few cute Brenna poses to wrap my rambling blog up.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Night Brenna

Here are a few more Brenna shots, namely from this evening and this evening alone.
The first two shots are of her caught in the act of stuffing hundreds of gumballs down her shirt. What a sheer joy this was chasing them around the floor as they spilled out when we picked her up out of her chair.

Stacking cups is a favorite activity these days. She entertained herself for probably 30 minutes pouring the gumballs back and forth between the cups, sorting the gumballs by colors, etc, while I was out in the yard and Emily was catching up on things on her email.

After all of that, Brenna got ready to head out on the town. Her ensemble was complete with a watermelon hat, grungy pink tank top, no pants (just the bedtime Pull Up, thank you), and white dress shoes (not pictured). Add to this an entire days worth of dirt, grime, yogurt, etc, on the face, and you have a "This is how I roll" look come to fruition.