Friday, September 04, 2009

Friday Night Brenna

Here are a few more Brenna shots, namely from this evening and this evening alone.
The first two shots are of her caught in the act of stuffing hundreds of gumballs down her shirt. What a sheer joy this was chasing them around the floor as they spilled out when we picked her up out of her chair.

Stacking cups is a favorite activity these days. She entertained herself for probably 30 minutes pouring the gumballs back and forth between the cups, sorting the gumballs by colors, etc, while I was out in the yard and Emily was catching up on things on her email.

After all of that, Brenna got ready to head out on the town. Her ensemble was complete with a watermelon hat, grungy pink tank top, no pants (just the bedtime Pull Up, thank you), and white dress shoes (not pictured). Add to this an entire days worth of dirt, grime, yogurt, etc, on the face, and you have a "This is how I roll" look come to fruition.

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