Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Shots From The Phone

I'm blaming my absence for the inability to email myself these photos from my new phone. Turns out I had to remove and re-add my Hotmail login ID and credentials to sync back up and forward these along to myself. Blah blah, technical jargon, yadda yadda.

Anyway, I'm summoning the energy for a quick update before I collapse for the evening, so here goes.

Our local Borders is going out of business (along with the rest of the country, is it 2012 yet?), much to our chagrin. While that means new books at used book prices, our favorite coffee shop at the mall is closing with them, so we'll be migrating to another locale for our Friday afternoons of fun in the near future. Here's a shot of Emily reading to the small child in the small child section of said bookstore. Brenna apparently thinks I'm part of the paparazzi.

Here she is in the play place at the same mall, striking the perfect mermaid pose atop this fancy, spotted turtle.

You must be this tall to crawl through a beaver.

In other news, with the help of Commander Brenna, these three fortunate souls were blasted into space from Grandma Becky's house. It's a good thing they had on their protective goggles for the trip, lest the creatures from Uranus steal their eyes. That one never gets old.

Finally, as a last gasp, here's another shot of our child from a week or so ago. God willing and my phone continues to email photos properly, I'll be back in due time with more randomness for your reading enjoyment.

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