Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Extreme Birthday'ing

In the same vain as extreme skydiving, extreme bungee jumping, and extreme hot dog eating, I present to you extreeeme birthday'ing.
You can't have an extreme birthday without an extreme cake. Red and brown just screaams extreme. This fantabulous cake was presented by Emily, and was her best foray thus far into the realm of egg-less cake making.

And of course, you can't have an extreme cake without an extreme guest. Emily's grandma, who was in town from the anti-hell state, also known as Colorado, was the lucky recipient of said extreme cake. She's overjoyed! And who can blame her, just look at that cake! Yowza!

Here is the extreme birthday guest, posing with two of her extreme grandchildren. Well, Rachel looks extreme, Brenna looks, hmmm, peaceful?

Perhaps she was that way because she knew some extreme cake was coming her way! Yes sir, that must be it. There was nothing left of this slice except little bits of red Styrofoam plate scattered across the floor. This picture was sponsored by Sophia's foot.
And you can't have an extreme birthday party without breaking out a tea set! And these aren't your normal run of the mill, lead based, spawned in a sweat shop, tea sets. No sir, this is the real deal Hollyfield! The small child was well pleased. Extreme!

And last, but certainly not least, the extreme "which camera do I look at" birthday shot! I got two and Beth got the others, but all together an extreme picture for the archives!
Editor's Note: In honor of Ron's fine Chuck Norris shirt... I hear Chuck Norris tried to put out his own line of toilet paper, but it failed miserably because it wouldn't take (censored) from anyone.
Good night!


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Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

One correction on my insanity, Rachel and Brenna would be great-grandchildren, for those of you scoring at home.