Tuesday, July 13, 2010

No Excess Baggage

I keep forgetting now that I'm clocking in for work at 5 in the morning that my day is officially over at 2 in the afternoon, adding a little bonus time before the fam gets home to do constructive things like... post another blog! Well, that's just special now, isn't it.

This past weekend, Brenna and Emily baked some sugar cookies, and decorated them up with some gel frosting (is that what it's called, I'm so not an expert on such things). We won't go into the lively discussion had at Wal Mart about which package of frosting the small child wanted to pick up.

Anyway, frosting in the end was obtained, and here is the proof.

And yet more proof. By golly, we've got frosting!

Here's a shot of the cookie-faced small child, caught in the act of, well, doing something. Since we can't see her arms, there's no telling. Perhaps punching me in the gut Sean Pean style for getting too up close and personal. She doesn't look terribly happy here. Yes, perhaps that was the issue.

And finally, the fruits of Brenna's labor. A multi-eyed, smirking rabbit for your dining pleasure.

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