Thursday, January 05, 2012

Running Too Deep

This is my third installment of the year, in my continuing effort to justify no longer wasting time sitting idly on CB.

I'm glad the kids have started going back to school, I now have something to watch out my office window other than retirees on their bicycles (not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you).

I also noticed this afternoon the HOA patrol roll by in their window-tinted sedan, no doubt writing me up for the weeds and leaves in my front yard. I would hope that my Jersey Shore neighbors were also writen up for what looks like the tattered remains of a desk or table that's been sitting on their front stoop since November, as well as the other assorted trash in their front yard (including an old bottle of motor oil - Insert theme song to Samford & Son here).

Whilst pulling the aforementioned weeds, I had Keith Richard's "Running Too Deep" stuck in my head. I don't know if subconsciously I was thinking about the deep reaching roots of said weeds, or that I have more things to do than I have time for. I'm not sure what Mr. Richard's song is really about, as he's more of a mumbler than singer, but perhaps I can pencil in a few minutes later today to research the lyrics and see if there's a deeper meaning there.

This happens to me on a regular basis, having some soundtrack for my life playing in my head from day to day. Most of the time it's pretty appropriate for whatever I'm doing or dealing with at the time, other times not so much, but it's a constant thing that drives me crazy sometimes, especially when I'm trying to focus on work.

Anyway, I promised in an earlier post that I'd catch everyone up on our Christmas happenings. There seems like no better time than the present to relieve those wonderous days of yore.

My wife has been politely suggesting for a few months now that our digital camera is too slow when taking pictures with the flash, and also that having a camera of her own would be nice, since I admittedly use ours quite a bit for buying and selling coins on EBAY. So, being the loving husband that I am, I bought her a nice upgrade.

Well, I wouldn't go that far, but yes, I do what I can to make the missus happy.

Grandma and Grandpa Homans were here for Christmas week, and during one of those balmy afternoons we took the five year old out to the park across from our house for some ball kicking action.

Here's a shot of Grandparents Homans limbering up before the big show.

Grandpa Homans did an excellent Pele impression while entertaining the small child.

Emily tried multiple times to capture the ball kicking action, this being one of those shots.

Here is the "money shot". The small child rather enjoyed kicking the ball at me at point blank range, and despite the fact that said ball was partially deflated and soft as a overripe banana, I still was caught flinching during one of those occasions.

Look at how big our girl has gotten, time flies when you're kicking people in the crotch with an overripe banana ball.

Ed. Note - YouTube link for the Keith Richards' song in question:

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