Friday, January 06, 2012

Random Rachel

I heard through the CB airwaves that Rachel got the part she was hoping for in an upcoming youth play. Good for her!

For no apparent reason other than the fact that I was told that this morning, here are some random Rachel photo's I found on my portable hard drive from the last few months, including:

The 12 year old posing with a bunch of other fairies for Halloween, including our 5 year old water fairy.

Making Smores in Ron and Becky's backyard over Christmas. Pictured here with Aunt Beth and that pesky 5 year old that seems to show up in every photo we take.

Not sure what the 12 year old is doing in this picture, but you can insert your own witty commentary here, if you please. If I got a sweater with the same colors as her socks in this picture, I'd wear it. Honest.

A look of suprise as the 12 year old opens a gift card to the mall. Writer's disclosure here, whilst playing pool with her earlier that day, I accidentally asked her if she liked the gift card we had gotten her, not realizing at the time that she hadn't opened it yet. I stupidly thought she had done so in the above picture from earlier in the day at her parent's house. Oops. Good acting, Rachel, good acting.

And finally, a picture that's not new to anyone that follows my wife on CB, or saw me post this picture there myself, but here's a nice family shot taken over the holidays.

Rachel, your five minutes of fame are up, at least on my blog. I hope that you'll still let me live in your mansion when you become famous, or let me at least live in your tool she, ala Bill Murray in Caddyshack, and be your groundskeeper.

Ed. Note - Playing today in Homans' Head, for no apparent reason, Johnny Cash's "Fourth Man In The Fire"

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