Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I Like My Yard A Little On The Trashy Side
(aka The Longest Blog Title Ever)

Word has slowly gotten around that I've given up (or am in the process of giving up) the Crackbook.

My wife, in response to this, stated last night "I hope this means you're going to blog more", and this morning, made reference to my decision as "nonsense". Sometimes men are actually pretty good listeners.

That being said, despite the naysayers and nonbelievers, I've managed to log into CB only once in the past week, and that was to say my goodbyes and offer up a link to this blog. I read somewhere that after three weeks most any habit can be broken, so I'm already a third of the way there. I won't go so far as to dub CB as a bad habit, as I completely realize there are some inherit benefits to what it offers the end user, if used properly. With my wife being on there, regularly posting family pictures and whatnot, and most people I know being friends with her already, my presence on CB was really not necessary any longer.

Jumping off of that dead horse, allow me to share a few pictures of what I've been up to lately.

Right now the majority of my pictures are on our other laptop with the funky keyboard that I detest greatly, so I'll have to ponder how I can move some of those over to this PC in order to catch everyone up on our Christmas festivities.

But in the meantime I offer you this.

Ok, so what the hell is it, right? With some of my Christmas gift card money, I bought some supplies to expand the shelter I built a few years ago on the north side of the house. Doing this will allow me to (hopefully) keep vegetables alive further into the summer, among other things. I've managed to keep the height of the shelter below our property wall, so the HOA can't see it from the street and demand that I tear it down. And thankfully, our Jersey Shore neighbors who moved in next door could care less what I'm doing in my yard, as they're too busy lifting on the second floor and listening to their rap music with their windows open.

Getting off on a tangent briefly, you can see the roof over their porch where I've had to climb up twice now and shut their dogs back up in that bedroom. In ten years of living here they are our fourth set of neighbors, and I'm thinking they may be the most interesting, so far.

Well, yes, I already knew that about myself, so let's move onto another topic.

The grape vine on that side of the yard has again turned a lovely shade of red, orange, and yellow. Brenna has enjoyed making leaf pressings or shadings (or both, I forget) from these. But wait, wrong blog to be talking about plants. Please head over to the Hoes blog to learn more about what's going on in the yard these days (damn, what a fine segue).

And because I know most if not all of you drop by periodically to see if I've posted any Brenna pictures that my wife hasn't already on CB, I offer this year-old picture that I still think is one of the most adorable ones of our child. As mentioned earlier, I have a TON of pictures from December, but they're on the other laptop. So stay tuned, resolution or no, I'm determined to make more time for this blog in 2012.

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