Monday, January 16, 2012


True facts about Bigfoot:

1 - There isn't just one Sasquatch, as they're more commonly known. Sasquatch will congregate anywhere that there is ample cover, food (sorry, not beef jerky) and water.

2 - Sasquatch will communicate with one another via either whistles, howls mimicking their local four legged friends (coyotes, wolves, etc), or by simply clacking rocks or tree limbs against tree trunks.

3 - Sasquatch travel in small groups, most like a father, mother and any siblings.

4 - Like humans, the color of the Sasquatches hair can be vary, including gray as they grow older.

5 - If threatened by local trackers, Sasquatch will hurl rocks in defense.

More true facts regarding Sasquatch to follow as I continue my field research on Animal Planet.

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