Saturday, January 13, 2007

Vegetable Price Is Right

Head over to the Hoes blog for new pictures of the yard and a little vegetable pricing game!

Keep scrolling for new Brenna pictures from today.


Anonymous said...

I saw your INFO on the 'Hammer of the Gods' Blogspot!
I'll make this brief - I only just discovered the 'Hammer' Blog last
week,and started Downloading the amazing Zep Whiskey show from 69',but when I went back the next day to DL the last two parts of the show - rapidshare had removed them! I tried to reach the person who runs the 'Hammer' Blog,but I haven't heard from him. Would it be possible for you to post the rest of the Whiskey show back up at Rapidshare for Me? I know were strangers,but I'm desperate to have that show. I'm hoping that our mutual Love for Zeppelin will inspire you to help a fellow Led - Head in need! PLEASE HELP!

Paul L. (in Ohio!) : )

My E-mail:

Tom & Emily said...

Hi Paul, I'd love to but I'm not familiar with uploading and only have the show now on a disc that I burned. I could burn you a copy and mail it to you, if you'd like, just let me know your address.

- Tom