Saturday, January 13, 2007

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)

While Emily was eating lunch this afternoon, I was tending to the Brenna, and flipping channels at the same time (we college grads can multi-task with the greatest of ease). As I was flipping, I came across a show called the BBC Crown Jewels, or some such, on VH1 Classic. Apparently this is a show dedicated to old footage of bands playing in England back in the 70's, and as luck would have it, the band being featured was none other than AC/DC.

I was expecting no reaction from Brenna from the noise that insued, but much to my heart's content, she not only had her eyes glued to the program for about twenty minutes, but for part of the time she was cooing and talking back to Bon Scott, the deceased/original lead singer of the band.

In honor of the moment, we located Brenna's AC/DC shirt, and caught the moment. This is me posing for the camera, and Brenna still watching the TV. If she's learned nothing else in the first three months on this earth, she has developed an appreciation for the finer things of life, namely one AC/DC.

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Phiff said...

Gotta start 'em young so they'll know good music when they hear it!