Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mr. Photogenic

For those of you cursed to live out the rest of your days having horrible pictures taken of you, this post has your name written all over it.

I'm sure to some extent everyone can relate to this, but I found this chain of photos, taken by my mom and/or dad while they were here at Christmas, hilarious, bordering on sad.

The first picture below is typical for me, caught blinking, appearing stoned. I could fill an entire album with shots like this one. Click on the picture to enjoy the splendor of this shot.

This year I determined I wouldn't have any shots like this, but I guess it happened anyway. Below are a few pictures where I was so determined not to be squinting that I went a tad in the other direction.

There is small solace in the fact that other people fall victim to the photo curse, such as my father below, whom Emily commented looks like he's breaking wind or pondering such a thing.

And finally, for all of the horrible shots, you get lucky. As they say, even a blind chicken finds a kernel of corn every now and again.

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Christine said...

Hahaha, I laughed really hard at the second and third, and can relate with your efforts.

This post is great.