Monday, January 01, 2007

Back In The Saddle Again

We've managed to claw our way out of the holiday season and are now anxiously looking forward to the drudgery of work on a daily basis... hmmm. Sure, that sounds much better than spending time with friends and family and having our daughter all to ourselves for over a week (or much of it, anyway).

In retrospect, the worst gift I received by far this Christmas was a sinus infection. In fact, it appears to be "the gift that keeps on giving", right through New Years, and presumably into the work week ahead. More annoying than anything, I'll be anxiously awaiting the day that I can roll out of bed (and not the couch, where I've resided the last four or five nights) and not spend the first ten minutes awake serenading the geese passing overhead with my honking. I keep hearing the Robert Plant song "Little By Little" in my head, particularly the line "I can breathe again", and will have to listen to that tune in celebration when this sickness has passed.

At any rate, my misfortune is not why you're here. We've had a nice week with Brenna since Grandma and Grandpa H. left for home (and don't worry Otis, I don't know who you are, but unless my parents have a drastic change of heart, you won't be losing your golfing buddy anytime soon), and below are a few pictures of our daughter enjoying her activity center from the grandparents.

A few other pictures here follow, including Brenna learning to clutch things, particularly her rabbit that Grandma H gave her, and her bibs (any and all). I have yet to capture the devouring of the bib on film, but do have video where she's pulling her shirt over her head, and will post that as soon as possible. Occasionally, if the stars are aligned, you might catch her clutching her shirt and/or bib in one hand, and some other object in the other. Using both hands at the same time is something she's still working at.

Our daughter has also mastered the fine art of thumb AND palm sucking (such a pleasant sound when she's going whole hog at her palm), and is becoming quite the chatter box.

We're still managing a good bit of sleep each night, although we've had to resort to driving around town more often here recently to help Brenna along with this process. Last night she fell asleep around 11pm and outside of feedings, didn't wake up until after eight this morning.

Finally, on a more serious note, we're very thankful for our little one and how well she's doing, and all of the support we've had from friends and family, both locally and across the country. It has been our privilege sharing our lives with all of you these past few months, and God willing, we'll continue doing so for years to come.

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