Saturday, January 20, 2007

Alien Talk Continued

I was hoping to break out my Robert Plant "Little By Little" song this week ("I can breathe again"), but woke up yesterday morning with my sinuses clogged again. It would appear that either a) my 10 days worth of medication wasn't enough to shake my infection, or b) this is something totally different that I've picked up. So far I don't feel miserable, but stay tuned, that may change.
Brenna has had a good weekend so far, lots of naps and good sleep at night, not much fussing at all, except when she's been hungry and/or bored with how we're entertaining her. It's been fairly cold out this past week, 50's during the day, cloudy and a little rain, so we haven't taken her out too much, although I'm sure we'll take her to church in the morning.
Below is a link to some video of Brenna discussing the immigration control problems that continue to plague our state. I think you'll see that she has some insight into the situation and some very valid points to make in this riveting one-minute video.

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