Wednesday, January 17, 2007

No More Freezes, Please

Sorry that yard news is spilling over here on the family blog site, but I can't bring myself to post these under the yard blog right after posting all of those shots of the yard there before the big freeze hit.

We officially had two nights in a row with lows of 21 degrees. Every ficus tree in the valley looks like the one in our back yard, black leaves that will be dropping off soon. I've read/heard that the tree may or may not recover, and will be ready to dig it up in March if it doesn't show any signs of life.

You can go to the Hoes blog to see the "before" pictures of this side of the house. About 80 percent of the leaves on the orange jubilee have blackened and dropped off. These should releaf in the spring, they only die if it gets down to 10 degrees, which thankfully didn't happen. The yellow elder bushes on the opposite side are still black and wet, so I'm not sure what's going to come of them.

Finally, my 12 foot tall bougenvilla in that was just recently covered in these crimson leaves, has turned shades of brown and black. Again, though, I'm being told that these will recover in the spring as well.
There are many other victims in the yard, too many to list here, but hopefully most of them will come back in March.

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