Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Near Perfect Night (or The Chin Of Solace)

Tonight got off to a somewhat rocky start with Brenna screaming when mama got home (she's decided she doesn't like riding in the back of the car by herself to and from Emily's work). Things improved quickly though, as we were able to put her to sleep long enough in her swing to eat a quiet dinner.

Afterwards, in a moment of grumpiness, Brenna reached for my face and found my beard, apparently a new creature comfort. Below are two pictures Emily took of her squeezing my chin, which lead eventually to her taking a two hour nap on me while we enjoyed the hilarity of American Idol.

By far, tonight was the least fussy/quiestest evening we've had at home in quite some time, and I owe it all to the beard/goatee/fu manchu (I knew it would come in handy some day).

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