Sunday, January 14, 2007


It got down to 23 degrees last night, coldest night by far in the six years I've lived here. I'm glad I took all of those pictures of the yard yesterday because a good majority of my plants have been blackened by the cold and will look horrible until March when hopefully they put out new growth.

Case in point, below is a before picture of our Ficus.

Here's the after, the entire tree turned black by the cold. I've read that there's a 50/50 chance that the tree will recover from a freeze like this. Considering it's only grown about a foot in height in five years, I won't be disappointed if I have to chop it to ground and plant something else here.

The rest of these pictures are from the park across the street. Apparently there was a water leak last night, and below are the results.


SpartanWife said...

It is colder there than it is here in Ohio, that's weird. I love the ice pics

Christine said...

I came here just after writing a scathing review of winter. It shouldn't be like this in Arizona! I'm sorry about your plants, I hope March gets here quickly

Tom & Emily said...

Me too, the yard looks like someone took a torch to it, varying shades of black will be quite depressing to look at these coming months.