Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cap't My Cap't

As already posted on my cousin Christine's blog, her sister and my cousin Melanie has brought Alexander Sean into the world. He was apparently born on Monday, and details at this point are sketchy, but stay tuned, as this is baby central around here, a picture will be forthcoming (I hope). Our congrats go out to Melanie and Darrick, who will be fantastic parents. We look forward to visiting and introducing our little on to theirs!


Christine said...

Yeah, details are definitely sketchy. Mom said it was 27 hours of labor, and it either started on Monday or it ended on Monday - so I guess that means he could have been born yesterday? Anyway, hopefully we'll be seeing pictures soon!!

Tom & Emily said...

Your Mom emailed me some details which was very nice of her. I'll refrain from posting any of them here so Melanie can share on her site when she's ready and/or available to! I guess without having any siblings, this is the closest to being an Uncle Tom as I'll ever get!