Monday, January 29, 2007

Back From The Dead

Sometime late last week, Emily and I were stricken by a nasty stomach bug. Four days and about twelve pounds later, we both seem to be on the road to recovery.

A couple of things I suggest you shouldn't try eating when your stomach is purging everything you put into it:

- a six inch turkey sub with avocado and honey mustard
- a Whattaburger honey BBQ chicken strip sandwich
- a raspberry filled doughnut
- sun chips and/or a BBQ hot pocket

Today I have stuck to eating crackers and Cheerios, and lo and behold, I've for the most part staying away from the facilities.

Thankfully Brenna was not as effected by this nasty sickness as we were, and besides a continually runny nose and coughing, she seems happy and healthy. We'll be taking her in for her four month check-up in a few weeks and will see about getting something that can dry her sinuses out.

Sorry, no pictures today, any pictures we'd have taken since my last post wouldn't be anything you'd want to see here, unless you're interested in how our bathrooms are decorated. Stay tuned though, I'm sure Brenna will offer us some photo ops soon.


Margot said...

Tom & Emily -
I couldn't resist and had to add a comment here. I had that same stomach bug in December and feel the need to add to your list of things you proably shouldn't eat when stomach seems to have a mind of its own:

Quiznos Prime Rib and Peppercorn sandwich with potato chips and lemonade.

Hope you guys are feeling better!


Tom & Emily said...

That actually sounds pretty good, now that I'm on the other side of that horrible sickness, and extremely hungry about right now!!