Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Back To Brenna

My apologies for straying in recent weeks to other non-Brenna related topics here, including our freak weather. I'll be posting some snow shots over on the gardening blog, including some pictures from our snowstorm from last March (well, snow in Superior, about 30 minutes from here). I'm also pondering creating a new blog dedicated to my dreams... no, not as in aspirations, but some of the bizarre things my subconscious digs up in the middle of the night when no one is looking. I feel like some of these are worthy of my amateur interpretation, and in the process, perhaps someone else will find those types of posts interesting. Dunno, we'll see how much more time I can squeeze out of this.

Getting back to the subject at hand, our first Brenna update is from last night, where Emily used a toothbrush and some olive oil to get some dry scalp cleaned out of our daughter's hair. In the process, we decided to pay homage to the Rev'd Horton Heat, whom we're going to see in concert tomorrow night (I know, an adults night out, go figure!). To learn more about the Pyschobilly master himself, go to www.reverendhortonheat.com

This next picture was Emily's attempt at a Mohawk, maybe in honor of The Clash? Hmmm. Yes, Brenna's eyes are still blue.

Here is Brenna on the couch last night, doing much of nothing, but that's better than crying/screaming.

Finally, Brenna picking up a habit of Grandpa H. We'll let that one remain a mystery, and will entertain guesses... look closely. And no, it's not breaking wind, this is a visual.

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