Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Night In The Box

After dropping Brenna off at grandma's, we managed to get to the concert at around 9pm. Unfortunately, we missed the entire Shack Shakers set and only caught the last song of Junior Brown's (didn't even get to hear him sing a note). The Rev delivered a great show, as always, though, and it was worth our time just for him. The parking lots for the venue were sold out, so we ended up parking on the opposite side of Tempe Town Lake, about a mile away. Thankfully it wasn't terribly cold last night.

We got home this morning around 3am, and the picture below is of Brenna sleeping around 7am, while Emily got ready for work. You'll see my leg off to the right here, and in the next picture below you'll see me watching vigilantly over our daughter. I'm preparing my speech for Father Of The Year as we speak.

This next shot is of Brenna after getting her hair washed, this is totally unrelated, but we thought it was a nice picture of her high hair.

Finally, here is Brenna in her crib, watching her water thingy that Grandma H got her recently. She seems to enjoy it thoroughly.

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