Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Table Fun

Grandma and Grandpa H got Brenna a Dora and Diego water table. Here are a few pictures of her enjoying it out in the back yard this morning. Yes, it's still nice enough to be out there, at least until the sun comes over the house.

Brenna is happily pouring water on me here, I'm thrilled at that. I like the startlingly enormous gray hair poking out and saying hello in this picture.

Contemplating putting Dora in the boat (I was about to say contemplating the engine room, but that's a Mike Watt album).

Ah yes, she has learned well and much from the grizzled master.

Sandy boat inspection.

Here we are on the couch, I was about to say after our water table play, but I just noticed that I'm wearing a totally different shirt here. Hmm, well, it's a nice enough picture even if it has nothing to do with this storyline.


Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

It was before the water table...notice the toast!
PS Gee you change your shirt a lot. I keed, I keed.

Tom, Emily & Brenna said...

Ah yes, the toast, I see that now.
I go through shirts like toilet paper, see, they can't contain my massive guns. Ha!