Monday, May 19, 2008

They'll Never Take Me Alive

Emily has been asking forever for us to get this Dora couch thingy for Brenna, and it's already paid for itself a thousand times over. No more yard ape crawling all over us on OUR sofa, she now has her own and is quite proud of it.

I have the dubious chore of staying up tonight monitoring for ATM/debit card activity for two customers, as they've rerouted where it goes and how it reaches us. One credit union is tiny and I don't expect to see anything from them until the sun comes up, the other has members that work overseas, but nothing from them yet either. While I'm waiting (and downing as much caffeine as I can stand), here are a few more things of note:

- It reached 102 here today, the first 100 degree day of the year (yippee). We're 17 days late based off the yearly average, so that's nice. It's supposed to be 108 Monday and Tuesday, but then a late season front will be pushing through, and according to The Weather Channel (and I'll believe this when I see it), it's going to be 95 on Wednesday, and 79 on Thursday. Yes, 79 for a high in late May. Ha ha, I can't wait to see that happen (he chortles sarcastically at the thought of that).

- We're going to Albuquerque for Memorial Day weekend, and even though it's barely going to be 90 degrees here, which is again unheard of, it will be bordering on chilly over there. The same front that's coming through here mid-week will be hammering them a day later. This Saturday their forecast high is 73 w/ 20+ mph winds and Sunday it will barely make 80 and again, windy.

- Speaking of heat, the last two days I've come in out of the garage from running on the treadmill smelling like week old road kill. On the positive side, there's nothing quite like purging yourself of toxins by running for a mile in a hot, stuffy garage. I've managed to run six miles total over the past seven days, and have whittled my time down about a minute to 8:45. That trend I can guarantee you won't be continuing, breaking nine minutes about broke me down these last two days, and I may have to shift to distance running if I get mired in the eight minute range for a while. This nifty site,, has a cool calculator for how well you're doing with your time for your age, based off some data they've accumulated, and at this point I'm in the 45th percentile with my lightning quick 8:45 time. I guess I shouldn't complain for having just started back up running again for the first time in two months.

I like this lounging around in our underwear picture. It was that kind of a day.

Like father, like daughter.

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