Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ferrets On Sabbatical

This morning the two ferrets that were taking up residence on my dome, Harry and Curly, vacated for the summer. With 100 degree temps forecasted for early next week, I woke up this morning with an overwhelming desire to make a clean start.

Seriously, my hair hasn't been this long in the front, well, ever. It was curling, laides and gentleman, in the FRONT. If I had held out until October, I could have pulled off a mean Kramer for Halloween, but it would have been a LONG, miserable summer.

Here is one final look at the hair, pre-cut.

Emily stopped mid-shave to suggest that we make this the final product, you know, a new fashion statement, Zoolander-style, but we pressed on despite the urge to make history.

Hmm, pondering the final result.

What have I done????

Our daughter, by the way, was very amused by this process, although she ran away when I asked her if she wanted her head shaved next. I can't imagine why.

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