Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stop, Fart, And Roll

Hi again. Been a while. How are you? Great.
We're still hear, I somehow took a four or five day hiatus from posting here. I can't say as it was that busy a week, but here it is Friday night/Saturday morning, and all I have to share are some leftover pictures from last weekend and some other assorted nuggets.
Brenna continues to have some issues sleeping at night, constantly interrupted by tummy problems (hence the title of this fine post). Emily is making some modifications to her diet in hopes of alleviating some of the symptoms, and we're going in on the 20th for a check up with the allergist to see if wheat or dairy are now causing problems for our little one's digestive system.
Outside of that news, there isn't much else to share. My greatest accomplishment this week was ridding myself of an old file cabinet that had been haunting our garage for the last couple of years (it finally made it's way out in the trash). Wow, how is that for newsworthy?
Ok, so Grandma Becky is still feeling much maligned for my choice of pictures of her in this blog. I'm told I tend to find the most unflattering pictures imaginable, where she appears to be dumbfounded, or otherwise stoned out of her gourd.
Hey, here's a much better picture. Everyone is happily riding along on the ostrich mobile, and even my out of control hair is cut out of the frame. Everyone wins on this one, right?

One of the guys from Hanoi Rocks was in the aviary with us last weekend, he's behind Brenna feeding one of the moochers with wings. Our daughter is a little concerned with having one so close to her (the bird, not the guy with the weird hair... okay, I'm one to talk).

Seriously, something must be done about the hair, it must be stopped before it takes over the world. This is a neat picture of Picacho Peak, one you don't see from the Interstate (and certainly not graced by ostriches and family members). I think Grandpa Ron might even have part of an ostrich in his hat, I can't quite tell, but it sounds good, I can't imagine a better place for an ostrich to be than in someone's hat.
Please come back, it's not always like this here. I promise some new pictures of Brenna soon, she's getting dedicated this weekend at church, that should make for something worth sharing. And there's Mother's Day, that's always good for a kick in the pants. There will be grilling... smoke, fire and meat are pretty photogenic. It should be pushing 100 this weekend, sweaty faces are good for blogging as well. If the stars align, I'll post a picture of sweaty people wielding grilling utensils with dripping meat hanging off them, with a raging fire in the background. Ah, if only...

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