Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mid Week Update

Here are a few middle of the week pictures. Not much to report here, it's been hot, but that's coming to an end tomorrow with a high of 79. Friday they claim it won't get over 70 with a 60% chance of rain. Holding my breath here on that one.

Ran an 8:24 mile today, was only 95 outside today, so the garage was tolerable. The last two days when it was around 110 I about died out there.

In these first two shots Brenna is greeting me first thing in the morning after getting up. We're in mid-yawn on the first picture, and pulling a Sean Penn with the photographer on the second one.

Some more shots of Brenna lounging around the living room.

In this episode of Wow Wow Wubzy, Wubzy and Widget are looking for some drum playing snow creatures, so Brenna joined in banging her drum when she got to this part.

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JLAMWOL said...

oh my gosh, she is so cute you guys! We sure hope that you are doing well! We are going to be there sometime in September for Kristy's wedding so hopefully we can see you then. We will have our new little addition then. Take care, Laura