Friday, May 16, 2008

Brenna Sandwich

Evening. It's blog time again.

You ever seen a coin like this before? Neither had Emily or I until it showed up in the collection at church a few weeks ago. An interesting story about this company, if you care to look them up on the internet. Basically they produce(d) alternative currency to what the Federal Reserve prints/issues. Go figure, who knew such a thing even existed, I certainly didn't.

Below is a 2003 issue of a .999 pure silver coin, at the time issued at $10 face value (when silver was worth about that). Because of the underground interest in these coins by people who believe the world is coming to an end, and the fact that the federal government last November raided this company and confiscated all of their belongings (I hear they're back in business now), we sold this coin for $23 on EBAY for the church.

We're taking Brenna to her allergist on Tuesday to figure out what else other than eggs she's allergic to now. She still from time to time wakes up in the middle of the night arching her back and screaming, sometimes uncontrollably. Emily has a friend online who has a child about Brenna's age that has the same problem, and for him/her it turned out to be reflux plus an allergic reaction to something else. Emily has cut out wheat in addition to eggs, fish and nuts, and Brenna still seems to he having issues. Dairy may be the issue as well, but we won't know until a blood draw is done (yippee). Stay tuned for more news there. Funny enough, Brenna sleeps just fine during the day at daycare because she sleeps elevated in an old stroller (which supports the reflux thing).
We just bought Brenna this Dora sleeper sofa for the living room. It seems to be a huge hit and beats her standing right up next to the TV and/or sitting on a basket full of her toys.
Here she is about to pounce on her cousin Rachel. We're still working on training her that it's not polite to beat on people and/or gouge their eyes out, and Emily is constantly trimming her nails so she doesn't draw blood on the other kids at daycare. We enjoy wrestling with her at night to wear her out for bedtime, and are trying to distinguish for her the difference between that and sneak attacking people for no apparent reason. She's a smart cookie, and we're teaching her to say please and thank you (and she's started telling us that she loves us, which you just can't beat).

I barely found the energy to post this blog tonight. We typically both will lay in bed with Brenna while she's going down for the night, and inevitably we both end up falling asleep, which makes it difficult to get back up and do this. With a Starbucks Mocha Cappucino, and some Black Crowes on the iPod, I've managed to get through this. I highly recommend the Amorica album, as well as their new one, Warpaint, glad to see this great band get back together finally.
I also have recently bought a serious pair of running shoes for the treadmill, as my others were wearing blisters in my arches (not good). While a storm was blowing through here yesterday afternoon (see the Hoes blog for more on that, ah, I love seques), I shaved another 30 seconds off my mile (down to 9:05).
And with that, my Brenna sandwich is complete. Fin.

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Darrick & Melanie said...

So sorry to hear about Brenna's food allergies, you guys. Poor thing! Consider joining the Yahoo group foodlab ( It's for people dealing with food allergies (lots of parents figuring out their children's sensitivities), and they really seem to have great advice (as well as recipes free of various allergens). We don't have allergy issues but I joined to search for some other food info, and I'm impressed with the collective knowledge and advice.