Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Albuquerque - Part Two

There's no telling how many parts there will be to this trip blog, twenty maybe, you just don't know, there are enough uploadable pictures.
Here is a shot of Brenna enjoying a lolli break at the hotel, sporting her Silly Monkey shirt from the Phoenix Zoo.

Brenna and Emily are seen here riding the train that runs folks from the Rio Grande Zoo to the Aquarium. Yes, Albuquerque has an Aquarium, I was amazed as you to hear and/or see that.

And here's the proof, Exhibit A, a shark in Albuquerque.

The rest of these are shots of Brenna patiently waiting for the train to take us back to the car.

Oh, the torture of waiting!
Stay tuned, Part Three to follow (really?).

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