Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ostrich Farm!

Someone in the family got a wild hair to suggest that we all round up and go to an Ostrich farm today. Go figure. In the end it was quite the hoot.

Where we went was about 50 miles north of Tucson, the first picture is of the monster truck that took us on a tour of the facilities.

Here is Emily bravely feeding these nasty creatures. They're not too polite in taking food from you, Rachel got bitten on the hand (to the point of drawing blood) while attempting to feed them directly, rather than though the chute you see below in this picture.

Brenna was a pill most of the weekend, but she enjoyed this place for the most part. Seeing grandma cheered her up, here the two of them are walking up the giant ramp to board the tour truck.

So far, so good, as Emily and Brenna pose while on the tour, which took us through feeding facilities and some other places.

Here's an ostrich protecting it's eggs, this was also along the tour route.

Something must be done about my hair, and this is Exhibit A. Here we are rolling up and down some bumpy road on the truck. In a few places we caught some air going down dips and over hills.

Emily and Brenna took some time to feed the deer, they were pretty polite with the hand feeding.

Exhibit B, a bird building a nest in the clump of dead ferrets on my head.

Our daughter is becoming rather fond of picking her nose. You'll see more pictures like this in the future.

See, I told you so.

One of the better shots in the aviary. Brenna wouldn't let any of these guys land on her, but enjoyed them from a safe distance.

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