Sunday, June 24, 2007

This And That

Another weekend has slipped by, and while it was an enjoyable one, it was way too short. We spent Saturday morning helping clean up Emily's aunt's yard, and spent the remainder of the day hanging around the house. I spent part of Saturday and today finishing up a mammoth wooden planter on the back porch (30 cubic feet to be exact) and am looking to buy a LOT of soil before I can finally transplant my ailing plants (nasty heat) into this new shady spot I've created.

Brenna is now clapping her hands and pulling herself up on Emily to a standing position. She still enjoys her nightly bath time and spends a lot of time in her Seasame Street thingy eating sweet potato puffs and making shrieking noises.

This upcoming week the blogs will be few and far between. I'm leaving for Hawaii again a week from tomorrow, and will be working very long hours getting ready to for these four new customers that will be joining our company at that time. This trip will be a little shorter than the last, flying out on Monday the 2nd and coming back overnight on Friday again like last time. I'll only be going to Oahu, which is fine with me, one less plane to board, dragging my luggage along with me. I'm looking forward to evading the 112 degree heat for a few days and will be tempted to lay sprawled out the street if a rain shower crosses my path while I'm there.

Oh yes, below are a few pictures from this past week, enjoy.

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Margot said...

Ohhh, Daddy and Brenna look so sweet together. That's a picture worth framing...