Friday, June 08, 2007

No Pics... No Pics

My laptop has lost it's wireless connection here in the lobby, but I've managed to limp along with the 15-minute limit PCs that the hotel has graciously provided. Nothing like trying to enjoy yourself on the net with people hovering around you waiting their turn. Can't post any pictures from today for this very same reason.

Before my appointment this morning, I drove around the east side of Oahu and came back south through one of the mountain passes. Stopped briefly at a botanical garden, quacked at a few ducks, and that was all. A fairly light day, visited two customers, one right by Diamond Head (decided not to climb that again, twice is enough, the view hasn't changed, I would imagine) and another out by the airport (within walking distance of the Best Western that Emily and I stayed at when we were here two years ago - around the corner from Jamba Juice).

I'm flying over to Kauai tomorrow for about six hours before flying back to Honolulu, then to Oakland, then home. All in one day, it's going to be ugly. Hoping to do some sightseeing after my customer visit tomorrow afternoon, will post some pictures when I get home.

I also found out today that I'll be coming back to Honolulu the first week in July to support the last four customers that are converting then. I'm also told there will probably be another trip to Kauai next year, which would be good timing since Emily and I are hoping to cash in a timeshare week there at the same time. Crossing my fingers.

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